We've all been there. Joyfully adding fun items to your online shopping cart. Excitedly pressing the "Checkout" button. The feeling of disappointment when unexpectedly high shipping fees put you way outside what you expected to spend. Disenchantment ensues. I understand the frustration!
Over the Christmas break, I took a long hard look at what I could do to provide a better customer experience and decided that free shipping on all items was the way to go! 
No more worrying about additional and unexpected costs. (Except for taxes depending on where you live. I unfortunately can't do anything about that one!)
Of course, there are some downsides to offering free shipping. One of the main concerns that I faced was eating into profit margins. Items still need to be shipped and my expenses have not changed. However, by analyzing and calculating, and generally braining it out, I figured out how to make free shipping work for my customers as well as myself.
So, the culmination of all this is that I believe that offering free shipping on all items is the right decision for my business as well as you, my extraordinary customers.
May 2024 be amazing for all of you!
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